Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The World Just Got Poorer . . .

     A short post tonight.  It been a tough few weeks for the Earth. We lost three great ones. Style, Grace and Talent. And Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and James Garner

 each had plenty of all three. Comedian Dennis Miller, a personal friend of the incomparable Mr. Williams, made an interesting observation when he said that "Robin may have seen more smiles than any person that ever lived." Rarely have three more utterly respected and loved entertainers passed so nearly to each other, and left the World a much darker and less funny place.
     Our thanks to you all. For entertaining us, inspiring us, making us laugh, and for the time when our attention was focused on you and your incredible talents, making the World, our World, a much, much better place.
     No goodbyes . . . just, "We'll be seeing you."

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