Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

     Driving to Issaquah today and listening to the radio, I heard a frightening statistic.  That is, that 72% of Americans now have lost all faith in the United States government, and its representatives in Washington, D.C. Of the remaining 28%, only 6% expressed great faith in the government (but they were probably stoned). Nearly three-quarters of those polled felt that Congress and the President can't do anything right these days and generally muck-up everything they touch. (I'm in the 72% by the way)
     Anyway, later on I was researching an article or possible short-story on the ill-fated Polaris Expedition of 1871-72, to the North Pole. I invite anyone to look it up on Wikipedia.  It is worth the read and proof positive that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or . . . the Government was just as screwed-up back then as it is now.  Only now we've got better news coverage.  I quote verbatim the entire first paragraph.
     The Polaris expedition (1871) was led by American Charles Frances Hall, who intended it to be the first expedition to reach the North Pole. (where they apparently hoped to find safe lodging with you know who). Sponsored by the United States Government, it was one of the first serious attempts at the Pole, after that of British naval officer William Edward Parry, who in 1827 reached latitude 82 degrees 45 minutes North. The expedition failed at it main objective, having been troubled throughout by insubordination, incompetence , and poor leadership.
     The ship sank, and most of the crew died.  The ships Captain was almost certainly murdered by the Doctor.  Just like most everything the government gets involved in today, it was sort of a complete, total and unmitigated disaster.
     And that is why, proof positive . . .


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